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What We Offer


We offer four types of Alu-Clad windows: EcoTherm SL Flush Casement, Europa Tilt & Turn, Passivhaus, and Pivot.


Each range caters to diverse technical needs and design preferences.


EcoTherm SL Flush Casement

Our Alu-Clad flush casement windows feature smooth lines that blend the classic appeal of traditional timber flush casements with a sleek, modern aluminium exterior.


Ideal for high-rise developments, these windows have fully-reversible panes for easy inside cleaning.


Europa Tilt & Turn

Our Europa Tilt & Turn windows combine the timeless charm of traditional timber flush casements with a contemporary aluminium exterior, resulting in a seamless design.


These windows are perfect for tall buildings and have reversible panes that make cleaning from the inside a breeze.



We proudly introduce our cost-effective alu-clad Passivhaus windows, crafted from aluminium-clad timber.


These windows merge the natural beauty of interior timber with the low-maintenance convenience of exterior aluminium cladding.


Our Alu-Clad pivot windows stand out not only for their exceptional technical performance but also for their impressive size.


These Alu-Clad timber windows make a bold design statement, while inviting abundant natural light and fresh air into your space.

Alu-Clad Lift and Slide Doors

Our lift and slide doors with Alu-Clad provide a combination of timber's character on the inside and the durability of aluminum on the outside, giving you the best of both worlds.


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